International Coastal Cleanup from Galapagos

December 16, 2016

Every year Academy Bay Diving participates in the International Clean up day. In Galapagos it is co-ordinated by the National Park to get as many boats, divers and walkers included as they can.

This year in 2016 Hugo led our team of Capt Carlso, Salior Steven, and divers Isabel, Jill and Maria to the Itibaca Canal on the northern coast of Isla Santa Cruz, on the newly baptised Pacific Seahorse (our beloved dive boat).

They put in a great effort and were able to pull out 286 kgs of rubbish, old tyres and fishing nets/ lines, that were handed over to the local council for disposal away from the ocean.

Thank you to our crew and volunteers for making the animals in Galapagos a Little happier this year.

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