Academy Bay Diving is going GREEN

August 16, 2019

Academy bay Diving has for years participated in Ocean clean ups, we provide water in cups from re fillable water bottles and use tupperware for our lunches so we don’t produce much waste.

But it’s time to step it up a notch!

We are extremely happy and proud to announce that the Pacific Seahorse (our dive boat) has just been installed with an Electro Scan toilet treatment plant. We are the first daily dive boat with a toilet treatment plant and we hope that the rest will follow shortly!

All our divers can now rest easy with the knowledge that when they sit on the throne with Academy Bay they will not be contaminating the environment!

We will also, very soon, be replacing our snacks of Potato chips, Doritos & store bought biscuits, with homemade cookies and cake from a local baker delivered in re-usable containers.

Hopefully the only rubbish your dive trip will produce will be the bag from the toilet (you can’t flush the paper).

Below of some examples of what we have in place already.

The cleaning products used on the boat for the floors and toilet, and in the office for washing the equipment and bathroom and for the washing of the towels, is 90% Bio degradable. (There is one product we have not been able to replace yet on the boat).

In office we have also been trying to reduce waste and have changed from the Whiteboard we use outside where with the next days dive sites, to a beautiful Wooden sign. No more whiteboards markers!

We have a water station in the office where all people, (not just our customers) are welcome to come and fill their re-fillable water bottles or grab a glass of water. Unfortunately there is still no drinkable tap water in Galapagos, but if everyone brings their re-usable water bottles we will save a lot of plastic!

So when you come on board or into our office, please have a look how we are doing, and of course, we are only happy to receive any suggestions from our environmentally conscious customers!

When travelling the world please be a responsible traveller, just the same as you research your destination, research the tour company you will travel with. Check out another tour operator who we think is doing a great job for Tibet Trips.

Be a smart traveller! Be Responsible!

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