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Isabela is a beautiful island with white sandy beaches and naturally formed harbour that is home to many Galapagos animals. If is a 2 hour speed boat ride from Santa Cruz, or a 20 minute flight from Baltra. We have a packages for Isabela with a number of different combinations, depending on your time constraints and what you would like to see in Isabela. The main tours that are available are listed below.

Las Tintoreras

Boat & Snorkel Tour

This is a snorkel/ land tour around the bay. It is very close to the dock, but each boat who visits requires a special permit fro the national park.

The tour has 3 different departure times throughout the day and consists of some snorkel time, a visit to the Penguin area, the canal with the white tipped reef sharks, and areas where you can see the Blue footed boobies.

The tour runs approx. 2.5 hours and includes the snorkel equipment and naturalist guide.

Los Tuneles

Snorkel Tour

This snorkel tour is one of the most popular in the islands right now as you can have a great chance to see many sea lions, turtles, reef sharks, fish and maybe Manta Rays.

The tour has 2 departure times each day and runs for approx. 6 hours with lunch, naturalist guide and snorkel equipment included.
The site is located approx. 1 hour by speed boat from the port of Isabela, and is named for the tunnels and bridges formed by the lava rock, making a natural lava reef with calm water for snorkelling.

Volcano Sierra Negra

Bus & Walking Tour

Take a guided bus trip and then walk up to the second biggest crater in the world. Volcan Sierra Negra rises 1490 meters above the sea level and last erupted in October 2005 sending volcanic ash and smoke 20 km into the air. An 8km trail leads around the east side of the volcano to some active fumaroles.

The walk is approx. 2 hours up and then 2 hours back to the carpark. It is not steep, but steady walking.

Included is the transport, box lunch and naturalist guide. You will need to take extra drinking water, walking shoes and hot and sunscreen.

The Wall of Tears

Walking or Bicycle Tour

This is an historic site approx. 5 kms out of town. You can walk or rent bikes to get out there. The nicest part of this trip are the little trails that lead off to secluded beach stops and up to lookouts over Isbaela. You may even run into a few of the giant tortoises along the way.

Concha y Perla

Swimming & Snorkel Tour

A natural lagoon close to the port that is nice for swimming and snorkelling. Snorkel equipment can be rented in town in many of the agencies.

Villamil Lagoon & Crianza de Tortugas

Walking Tour

Villamil Lagoon, this site is known for its marine iguanas and migrant birds, most famously, the flamingos. A trail a little over a kilometre long begins as a wooden boardwalk over the lagoon and passes through mangroves and dense vegetation, ending in the Crianza de Tortugas (the giant tortoise breeding center). Volunteers here can explain the work being done to help restore the population of this species on Isabela.


Please contact us for rates. Seasonal discounts and group discounts can apply.

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