Galapagos Diving Day Trips

See the best of the Galapagos in a day!

Academy Bay Day Tour

Academy Bay
Shark Channel and Lovers Channel are both lovely snorkelling sites

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Bartolome Day Tour

Wild and unearthly moon looking lava landscape, penguins and Pinnacle Rock

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Floreana Day Tour

The snorkeling around the Floreana island is some of best in Galapagos.

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Highlands Day Tour

Highlands of Santa Cruz
A beautiful place to take in the greenery of Galapagos

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Isabela Day Tour

Giant Tortoise Breeding Center, Flamingo Lagoon, marine iguanas…

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North Seymour Day Tour

North Seymour
Site of one of the largest and most active sea bird breeding colonies in the islands

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Santa Fe Day Tour

Santa Fe
Towering forest of giant cacti and land iguanas

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Plazas Day Tour

Sea lion colonies, swallow tailed gulls and other nesting species

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Snorkel Day Tours

Pinzon & La Fe beach Snorkel Day Tour

Pinzon & La Fe beach
Snorkel at Pinzon and La Fe Islands and swim at the beach

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Santa Fe & Playa Escondida Snorkel Day Tour

Santa Fe & Playa Escondida
Snorkel at Santa Fe Island and swim at Playa Escondida (hidden beach)

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Day Tours or Cruises?

Which will I do?

This question is asked of us numerous times a week by people arriving to Galapagos not knowing if they should spend their savings on an 8 day cruise or take the more economical option to stay on the islands and take day tours.

Having done both, I can say that, though they are different experiences, both options have a lot to offer. (Especially if you don’t do too well on boats!)

The cruise boats will take you to islands not able to be visited in one day tours, and they take you to different and often more exclusive sites than those of some of the daily tours. Having said that, some of the daily tours are exactly the same as the day on the cruise. Typically you will visit 2 land sites and 2 snorkel sites per day, and have all your meals catered and generally be with the same guide (and same group of people, for better or for worse!) for the whole trip.

Day tours on the other hand are done by 5pm, you can go back to your hotel, stroll around the town, take dinner where ever you like and still have seen an amazing amount of flora and fauna. Due to time constraints of transport to and from the islands, the daily tours offer 1 land site and 1 snorkel site for the day. So it all depends on your budget, how much you like boats and how much you like to gamble (on the other 15 passengers who will be on your boat!)


Please contact us for rates. Seasonal discounts and group discounts can apply.

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