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The ultimate in Galapagos diving package will immerse you in the amazing marine life Galapagos has to offer as well as give you a taste of the islands themselves. At the sites you will visit you will be diving with the legendary schools of scalloped hammerheads, the menacing black tipped reef sharks, the docile white tips and the elusive Galapagos sharks. Find Out More

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Our dive center is at Puerto Ayora just by Academy Bay on Santa Cruz Island.
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We have dive tours and land-based tours departing daily. Come and see the extraordinary and varied fauna and flora on offer in the Galapagos Islands.

The Enchanted Isles

Volcanoes rise from the depths

To many the Galapagos Islands are a far off mythical place where giant tortoises roam wild, where sea lions playfully nip marine iguanas as they dive for their lunch, where schools of hammerhead sharks cruise the ocean floors and rock reefs between thousands of fish, and where the skies are filled with majestic birds of many types… Find Out More

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World clean up day in Galapagos

2018 Clean up day in Galapagos with Academy Bay Diving

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New divers and the GoPro, a bad combination

Taking pictures and videos underwater is a passion for many divers, and getting ‘that’ photo can be a bit of an obsession. With the introduction of the GoPro we have seen a huge increase in the number of divers…

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International Coastal Cleanup from Galapagos

Every year Academy Bay Diving participates in the International Clean up day. In Galapagos it is co-ordinated by the National Park to get as many boats, divers and walkers included as they can.

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