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Majestic spotted eagle rays

Black Turtle Cove on Santa Cruz

The magnificent frigatebird

On North Seymour, Floreana & San Cristobal

Gigantic whale sharks

Liveaboard cruise at Wolf Island

Friendly sea lions

Galapagos day tour

Huge schools of hammerheads

At the crater of Gordon Rocks

Tours of the Mesmerizing Galapagos Islands

In a rugged archipelago 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador you will find more than 200 species of animals above and below the water. Academy Bay Diving offers a range of Galapagos diving holidays and island tours from 1 day to 2 weeks designed so you can experience the unique landscapes and animals that make the Galapagos such a special place.

Galapagos Islands Diving

Galapagos dive courses, cruises, charters, dive sites, tours, liveaboards and day trips. Join us for Galapagos diving

Daily Galapagos Land Based Tours

Plan your ideal vacation with one of our tour packages. Check out our options for Galapagos Land Tours

Aggressor Galapagos liveaboard

Dive Liveaboards

See the Galapagos by boat and meet creatures found nowhere else on earth. Explore our Galapagos diving liveaboard options!

Diverse Galapagos Diving Packages

Our Galapagos Islands dive options include packages ranging from 2-14 days. Explore the options that are as diverse as the wildlife and islands themselves!

When is the best time to go diving in the Galapagos?

Any month of the year! You can see the marine life here all year round, you just need to decide how warm you like your water!

Where do we go diving in the Galapagos?

We have many favourite dives sites around the islands each with an amazing array of marine life.

How to plan your Galapagos dive trip

Find out what to see and when and the practical things to consider when visiting Ecuador and Galapagos.

Wildlife Spotting During Our Tours of the Galapagos Islands

Scalloped Hammerheads

Diving with schools of hammerhead sharks is the reason many divers come to Galapagos. It is an awe inspiring experience and you would be unlikely not to see them.

Galapagos Sea Lions

Who doesn’t want to play with these cheeky and curious creatures. Lucky for us they frequent all our dive sites.

Galapagos Shark

The Galapagos sharks are shy, but when they do come out it is a truly unique experience.

Mola Mola

If you are lucky enough to dive with the Mola Mola it is an experience you will never forget. They like the cold water, so you need to tough it out in the colder months to see them!

Diving galapagos with Eagle rays

Spotted Eagle Ray

A school of spotted eagle rays is one of the most graceful spectacles you can see. They are just beautiful, and lucky for us, they can be seen in all of the dive sites.

Green Sea Turtles

When you look into the eye of a green sea turtle you just feel wisdom.
They are big, beautiful and wise and floating around every corner of the Galapagos.

Manta Ray

The giant manta ray is a site to behold. With a wing span normally reaching 2-3 meters it dwarfs any diver it passes.

whaleshark diving with academy bay diving darwin arch

Whale Shark

The whale shark is the dream of every diver. We don’t see them often on the daily dive tours, but don’t let the dream die, though it’s unlikely to see them, it is possible!

star rating  Diving with Academy Bay Diving was an awesome experience. We dove two days, at North Seymour and Gordon Rocks. All the technical and administrative aspects of the experience… read more

June 18, 2022

star rating  Decent dive shop but I would not use them again as there are MUCH better places available. Academy Bay asked that we be there the day before to… read more

Long story short, I found Academy Bay to be subpar to what is available in Puerto Ayora and would recommend using another dive shop such as Scuba Iguana.

Steve J
June 7, 2022

star rating  I did the day trip dive to Gordon Rocks with Academy Bay. There guides are excellent and practice good safety procedures. There are A+ with helping you put on your… read more

May 31, 2022

Tour the Galapagos: The Enchanted Isles

Explore where volcanoes rise from the depths

To many, the Galapagos Islands are a far-off, mythical place. An archipelago where giant tortoises roam wild and sea lions playfully nip marine iguanas as they dive for their lunch. It’s a mysterious place where schools of hammerhead sharks cruise the ocean floors and rock reefs between thousands of fish, and where the skies are filled with majestic birds of many types… Learn more about our home in the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Dive Sites

We go to the best dive sites in the Galapagos. Check our dive sites page.

Our Dive Courses

Learn to scuba dive in one of the world’s most extraordinary locations!
Dive Courses

Our Dive Center

Our dive center is at Puerto Ayora just by Academy Bay on Santa Cruz Island.

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