Santa Fe & Playa Escondida Snorkel Day Tour

Surfing Sea Lions

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Santa Fe & Playa Escondida Snorkel Day Tour

Snorkel and white sand beach

Santa Fe Island, also called Barrington Island after British Admiral Samuel Barrington, is a small, relatively flat island at the center of the Archipelago, to the southeast of Santa Cruz Island. Geologically, it is one of the oldest volcanoes, with rock formations below the surface of the water that date back 3.9 million years. Large numbers of sea lions are found on the beaches in the bay and can often be seen surfing in the waves.

Santa Fe & Playa Escondida Snorkel Day Tour Itinerary

  • Departure: 8am
  • Travel time: 45 minute boat ride departing from Puerto Ayora, to arrive to Santa Fe island.
  • Here you will have 2 different snorkel sites, both giving you a great chance to snorkel with the large colony of sea lions. The babies and females are generally very curious and playful with the snorkelers. You can also see many feef fish, some rays and maybe sea turtles and reef sharks. There is also the possibility of watching the flocks of Blue footed Boobies diving into the waters fishing for their lunch.
  • As the tour is run by fisherman there is a short fishing time, and any fish caught are served as fresh sushimi.
  • Lunch is served on board, and then a 30 minutes boat ride will bring you back the south coast of Santa Cruz to visit the beach, Playa Escondida (Hidden beach). Here you can disembark and swim and snorkel, or just relax in the sand.
  • The tour finishes with a short ride back to Puerto Ayora.
  • Return: Approx 4.30pm
  • Included: bilingual guide, snorkel equipment, lunch, water, snacks. Wetsuits are available at extra charge.

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