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Stop Delaying... take that dream dive trip to the Galapagos Islands! Get info on dive sites, wildlife, & travel tips from local experts at Academy Bay Diving.

If nothing else, this past year has taught us to seize the day and stop delaying our dreams. If you’ve been adding more and more destinations to your bucket list as we’ve been stuck at home, then it’s time to take action. It’s time to start booking those bucket list destinations!

If the Galapagos Islands are on your bucket list, we’re here to help you make that dream trip a reality. At Academy Bay Diving, we offer daily dive trips, dive packages, liveaboards, and all the travel planning help you need to make your epic Galapagos Islands trip a dream-come-true! We love sharing the wonder of the Galapagos with divers from all over the world.

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Get Inspired: Wildlife You’ll See While Diving in the Galapagos

Are whale sharks on your diving bucket list? To be fair, they’re on everybody’s bucket list! Swimming with whale sharks is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary moments an ocean-lover could experience. But whale sharks aren’t the only wildlife we see here in the Galapagos.

Here are some of our favorite locals we often see during daily dives…

Hammerhead sharks Gordon Rocks

Scalloped Hammerheads

Perhaps the most famous sightings in the Galapagos, schools of scalloped hammerheads are frequently seen, especially around Gordon Rocks. Whether it’s your first sighting or you’ve seen them a thousand times, it’s always mesmerizing and magical to watch hundreds of hammerheads just meters away.

Galapagos Sharks, Silky Sharks, and Reef Sharks

Three popular sightings include our local Galapagos sharks, silky sharks, as well as white- and black-tipped reef sharks. We know divers are conservationists at heart, but it always bears repeating that sharks are predators that keep our oceans healthy. We do not feed any animals during our dives and discourage that behavior for its detriment to the natural food chain. Any sharks we see on our dives are based on happy circumstance and good luck.

Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are frequently spotted during our Galapagos dives, particularly green sea turtles.

Mola Mola

These giant, odd-looking fish are frequently seen near the surface, seemingly soaking up some sun…which is why they’re also called sunfish. You might spot mola mola here in the Galapagos, which weigh an average of over 2,000 pounds!

Eagle rays with Academy Bay Diving

Spotted Eagle Rays

These beauties can often be seen gliding gracefully along the ocean floor. Reaching up to 11 feet in width, they are second only to manta rays in size. Speaking of which…

manta ray academy bay diving galapagos

Manta Rays

Manta rays are another star of the show here in the Galapagos. Reaching up to 23 feet in width, these giants are an absolute stunner to see while diving! They feed on plankton and they dance and twirl around with mouths wide open to filter feed these tiny organisms.

Sea Lions

Another popular Galapagos sighting is sea lions. Our friendly locals love to frolic and you’ll certainly see plenty of them during your visit. From sunbathing to playing with your fins and coming nose to nose to inspect your mask, sea lions in the Galapagos are a world away from the fearful, elusive seals many visitors are more familiar with back home.

Rise from the depths

If you aren’t yet certified, join us for a PADI Open Water Diver course. You’ll spend a few days learning all about diving and honing your skills, including open water dives to blow your first bubbles!

Nobody forgets their first experience scuba diving…why not enjoy yours in one of the world’s most diverse and fascinating destinations?

Daily Dive Trips in the Galapagos Islands

Already certified and ready to blow some bubbles? Join us for our daily dive trips! Academy Bay Diving is located on Santa Cruz Island. We’re connected by a 5-minute ferry ride to Baltra Island, where you’ll likely fly to from the mainland of Ecuador. From the airport to our dive shop is a short jaunt, so you can land, settle into your accommodations, and be ready to hop on our dive boat first thing in the morning.

We do two-tank dives to maximise the top dive sites near Santa Cruz and give you the best service and experience on your bucket list Galapagos trip. Since dive sites range from 45 minutes to 2 hours away (we dive all around the Galapagos!), you’ll typically be back in Puerto Ayora by late afternoon. Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy a hot lunch on board between dives!

These are some of our favorite sites…

The ever-popular Gordon Rocks for the chance to see hammerheads. This site is best suited to advanced divers as the current can be swift.

North Seymour for manta rays, sea turtles, and potential octopus sightings!

We love taking divers of all levels to Floreana for its diversity of marine life…including inquisitive sea lions.

Daphne is another beautiful spot for manta rays. This wall dive is suitable for all levels, just watch your depth.

We love Santa Fe for its cave dive as well its diversity of marine life, similar to Floreana.

Check out the rest of our favorite Galapagos dive sites and what they’re known for…

Galapagos Islands Dive Packages

Looking to do more than just diving in the Galapagos Islands? Consider a Galapagos dive package to explore more and get the most out of your bucket list trip. We can help you arrange everything from your accommodation to your dives to recommending the best places to eat and lots of fun activities to see and do it all!

Ready to book that dream trip? Stop delaying, start checking things off that bucket list.

We’d love to help you plan your perfect adventure.

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