Floreana Day Tour

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Floreana Day Tour

Green Turtles

The snorkeling around the Floreana island is some of best in Galapagos where it is possible to see white tip reef sharks, rays of all kinds, many reef fish, green turtles, penguins, and every now and then the harmless hammerhead shark! The sites include Champion Island, Punta Cormorant, Devils Crown and Enderby, though are only accessed on the cruise ships.

Floreana Day Tour Galapagos Itinerary


Floreana is the smallest and the least populated of the inhabited islands in the archipelago. It only has around 100 inhabitants, though due to its gruesome history is the most famous of all the islands. Floreana’s first inhabitant was a man named Patrick Watkins who was marooned on the island in 1807. He lived there for two years growing fruit and vegetables to trade with the passing whaler ships, but more famously is known for reading the letters left by the British in a barrel at ‘post office bay’ to be delivered home by returning ships. From those letters he had a good idea of where British whalers were, and set about informing the US ships, and leaving rendezvous invitations, which resulted in the hapless ships being seized. His story goes that he managed to remain drunk for most of his stay, then stole a ship’s boat and set out for Guayaquil accompanied by five slaves. No one knows what happened to the slaves – only Watkins reached the mainland.

Numerous other efforts were made by many people to start colonies on Floreana, but all seemed doomed from the beginning with many murderous tales and mysterious deaths eventuating from their efforts.

  • Departure: 7.30-8.00
  • Travel time is 1.5-2 hours depending on sea conditions in a speed boat with onboard toilet (August-October the seas can be quite rough). Passengers with back or neck injuries are not advised to take this tour.
  • The Tour
  • The tour includes a 2-3 hour stay on the island to visit the pirate caves created by pirates seeking water and shelter, the giant tortoises and Larga de Aki, a beautiful lookout over Floreana and the bay.
  • Lunch is then in a restaurant in the port town of Puerto Velasco Ibarra.
  • In the afternoon the tour heads to the coast where you will find a black beach and a beautiful secluded bay where you have the chance to snorkel with the sea lions, frequently many green sea turtles and possibly the cute Galápagos penguins.
  • Return: Approx 5pm depending on sea conditions.
  • Includes: lunch, water, snorkel equipment (mask, snorkel and fins) wetsuits available at an extra charge.

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