Santa Fe Day Tour

Forest of giant cacti

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Santa Fe Day Tour


Santa Fe is a 24sq km island that lies about 20km southeast of Santa Cruz and is very popular for day trips. Its English name is Barrington. There is a good anchorage in an attractive bay on the north. A short 300 meter trail takes you to one of the tallest stands of opuntia cactus in the island to look out for land iguanas. Other attractions include a sea lion colony, excellent snorkeling, marine iguanas and of course birds ( Blue footed boonies, Frigate birds, Galapagos Gulls.

Santa Fe Island Tour Itinerary

  • Departure: 7-8am bus pick up
  • Travel Time: 40 minute bus ride, followed by 40 minute boat ride.
  • The Santa Fe Island Tour

  • Upon arrival to the island, you will be treated to a noisy welcome by the local sealion colony. Following our naturalist guide on the island paths we will come to Santa Fe’s main attraction, a towering forest of giant cacti. Scattered around the cacti trees you will see a number of the island’s indigenous sun-seekers: marine and land iguanas, the rainbow-streaked lava lizards and, if you are lucky, land tortoises – the namesakes of the islands. After our walk we will plunge into the salty sea and snorkel in the company of sealions, lion fish and sea turtles.
  • Return: Approx 4.30pm
  • Includes: lunch, water, snorkelling equipment (mask, snorkel and fins) wetsuits available at an extra charge.

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