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Best places to explore in, or near, the Galapagos

Don’t worry about your Free afternoons and free days. Visiting all of these amazing sites will keep you busy.

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Visit Giant tortoises with Academy Bay Diving

Galapagos Islands: Where the Currents Converge

Learn about what makes the Galapagos Islands so rich in wildlife.

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galapagos ceviche

Cooking Ceviche with the Galapagos Chefs

With our new Diving, bites and escapades itinerary we offer our guests the chance to experience the Galapagos culture and community and included in this exclusive package is a Ceviche cooking (and tasting!) class with the Galapagos Chefs.

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Diving in the Galapagos Islands – August in review

Still on a high from our visit by Sea Shepherd Captain, Wyanda Lublink in July we were excited to have yet another special visit in August from Carlos and Allison Estape. The couple are underwater photographers, educators, naturalists and citizen scientists. So, as you can imagine, they came with a wealth of knowledge that we were more than happy to listen to.

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whaleshark feeding galapagos

Diving with Gentle Giants

At Academy Bay diving we get many enquiries about what can be expected from scuba diving in the Galapagos Islands. The wildlife is rarely doubted due to the plethora we have here but what are the water conditions, are there currents and, how warm, or not, is the water?

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Diving in the Galapagos Islands – July in review

July was a fantastic month for us at Academy Bay Diving, and a very exciting one for any lover of the ocean and meeting inspiring women. We received a special visit from a Sea Shepherd powerhouse, Captain Wyanda Lublink. We were lucky to dive with our new friend, chat with her and hear some amazing tales of dramatic ship takeovers and the incredible work of Sea Shepherd.

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galapagos penguin

Tips for photography on your Galapagos holiday

The animal encounters and diverse scenery of the islands are a nature photographer’s dream. Stay on the trails, keep the recommended distance and follow your guide for some amazing photo opportunities. For those who want to make the most of the chance to capture photographs of the animals, some tips may help.

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Diving in the Galapagos Islands – June in review

The oceans are calling you! It is so great to see the Galapagos coming back to life and last month we had our busiest month since the beginning of the pandemic!

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rolls back gordon Rocks

Gordon Rocks with Academy Bay Diving

Scuba diving in the Galapagos is a bucket list item for my divers. With an abundance of marine life, beauty both above and below the water, the largest biomass of sharks in the world, an offering of drift dives, deep dives and reef dives, it is easy to understand why! But what exactly does a day of scuba diving look like?

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Diving in the Galapagos Islands – May in review

Things here are always interesting and May was no exception. Last month we saw a big change to the landscape, Leonardo DiCaprio stepped in and made an incredible contribution to the islands and a cheeky sea lion brought home an unexpected dinner.

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